15-0923 v2.X Phthalates in Exterior Window Cladding


For our project, we have located a quality window product with high performance thermal properties to meet energy goals. The cladding has a long lasting and non-chalking paint finish to extend the life of the product without need for repainting. The issue is that the paint contains approximately 9.3% phthalates, a very small percentage of the total window system. The aluminum clad makes up at most 17.5% of the window with there being at least 8 individual aluminum clad components, some of which may not be painted and can be extracted whole. Because the Material Composition Breakdown is listed by material only, and not component, it is nearly impossible to tell exactly how much of the product will actually receive the paint finish in question. It may also be possible to recycle the aluminum at the end of the products life, and extract the phthalates separately during this process. The manufacturer does not offer any paint options or any other finish options with this exceptional durability. Anodized products are available but the anodizing process is fraught with its own problems due to the chemically intensive anodizing process although they do not show up in the finished product. It is our expectation that the selected coating is overall a more preferable solution than anodized or wood shop- and/or field-painted windows. If due dilligence shows that there are no other windows of equal or greater value whose paints do not contain these phthalates, can a general red list exception be taken for using this product?


We are unable to rule on I11-E1 8/2008 Red List without knowing the number of vendors contacted. The team must document due diligence by contacting a minimum of three window manufacturers and should consider researching alternative exterior cladding materials appropriate for the project climate. If a fully compliant cladding solution cannot be found the team must advocate to the selected manufacturer for the elimination of Red List ingredients in the proposed window cladding.

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