15-1001v3.X Determining What Qualifies for Miscellaneous Hardware


Hello all, Could we kindly get confirmation that the following items are considered Miscellaneous Hardware and Accessory Products? TracJack Faceplate Plastic, two port (single gang) Clarity Cat5e TracJack, Blue and White Clarity 2 Port TracJack Surface Mount Housing Clarity 48 Port Cat5e Patch Panel


Tracjack Faceplates and TracJack Housing are Miscellaneous Hardware for the purposes of the Challenge. Please note that Miscellaneous Hardware does not have to be tracked for I-10 Red List but hardware components that are known to be primarily composed of Red List ingredients should be avoided. Tracjack modules and Patch Panels are not miscellaneous hardware since they contribute to data transmission. The "Clarity Cat5e TracJack, Blue and White" and "Clarity 48 Port Cat5e Patch Panel" should be tracked as Small Electrical Components per Exception I10-E2, Small Electrical Components. The project team must verify these products meet the European Union's Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive to document compliance with I-10 Red List and the final point of assembly should be tracked for I-13 Living Economy Sourcing.

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