15-1007 v3.X Low Amounts of Chlorine in Municipal Water Supply


Hi again, this question is also regarding the Municipal Potable Water Supply Exception. We have to use a municipal well to supply our home with potable water, the Municipality treats it with chlorine (2ppm) this because Costa Rica, where the project is located must follow the World Health Organization parameters for water disinfection for human intake. The process as explained by the Municipality takes up to 30 minutes where the water is retained and treated, then let go to supply each home. The chlorine is evaporated long before the time it reaches a person. Understanding that chlorine is part of the red list, we ask if it could be allowed to use this water supply since it has a low amount, much less than 100ppm. If we were forced to treat the water from the well with another source like UV disinfection the financial inversion would be out of our project's scope, we would have to reconsider the Water Petal recognition. Hoping you consider our crossroads within the Living Building Challenge we thank you in advanced.


Projects that are required by their local municipality to use chlorine disinfection must meet the requirements of I05-E3 Chlorine Disinfection, including appealing the requirement, minimizing the use of chlorine and adding point of use dechlorination filters.

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