15-1018 v3.X Declare Products


Declare products Explanation: The total built-up area of the project is approx. 60,000 sqm. According to LBC norms, if we calculate the number of declare materials per 500 sqm of built-up area, we will be required to provide 120 nos. of certified declared materials. This number is large assuming that this concept of Declare Products is new to Indian construction materials industry. As on date we do not have a single vendor who can give us declare certified products. However, we are insisiting on our regular vendor partners to apply for declare certification. As per the initial BOQ, we estimate only around 10-15 products will be available which can acquire Declare certificate. Proposal: We propose to limit the no. of products which have the Declare certification to 10-20 (excluding salavaged products). 


The Institute acknowledges that the quantity of unique materials does not scale proportionately to a building's square footage and is creating a new Exception to address this issue.

I12-E7 Minimum Declare Requirement
Projects over 5,000 sqm may cap the number of installed Declare products at 30. If a project chooses to use this minimum to meet the Declare requirement, the Declare products used must represent a minimum of 20% of the budget for the product category and the team must send an additional 10 advocacy letters. 

I12-b Technical Documents - Calculations demonstrating that 30 of the Declare products used in the project comprised at least 20% of the budget for their product category.

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