15-1018 v3.X Salvaged Products


Net Positive Waste - Salvage Products Explanation: The total built-up area of the project is approx. 60,000 sqm. According to LBC norms, if we calculate the number of salvaged materials per 500 sqm of built-up area, we will be required to provide 120 nos. of products derived from salvaged materials for the complete project. As we are building on a new site in an special economic zone, we do not estiamte any products which can be derived from salvaging. However we are preserving the top soil on site. We will try to use as many salvage materials as possible. Proposal: We propose to limit the no. of products derived from salvaged materials to 2 or 3. 


The Institute acknowledges that the quantity of unique materials does not scale proportionately to a building's square footage and is creating a new Exception to address this issue (below). Note that salvaged products are not necessarily from the project site, but rather may be sourced from anywhere to bring specific character to the project and make effective use of available waste. For example, waste products from another project or from demolition canbe re-directed for use in the LBC project (e.g. a new floor made from wood, tile or other flooring remnants) Project teams are encouraged to incorporate a variety of salvaged materials from different sources and to consider opportunities to tie into Beauty and Biophilia requirements. 

I14-E4 Large Project Minimum Salvage Materials
Projects over 15,000 sm may cap the number of unique salvaged products products at 30. Multiple salvaged products may be used in the same product category, but projects using this Exception must use salvaged products in at least 10 separate product categories.

I14-a Exception Narrative - List of the 10 product categories associated with the 30 salvaged products.

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