15-1112 v3.X Alternative Vehicle-Single Family Home


Greetings, Our project is a single family home in transect L2. It is located in a remote area where public transportation is not an available option. The residents will have their work office in the house since they both work remotely. This will considerably reduce their transportation impact. Questions: They will still need to use their car for mobility out of the property. Please confirm if there are alternative vehicle requirements that must be met i.e hybrid, electric.... Their work requires them to do some air travel; does it need to be offset?


The Living Building Challenge v3.0 does not have have specific requirements for alternative vehicle use or travel offsets. Single Family Homes must provide an assessment of how the residents can reduce their transportation impact per the August 2014 v3.0 Place Petal Handbook (PPH pg 35). Alternative fuel vehicles and travel offsets may be solutions in that transportation assessment.

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