15-1125 v3.X Blackwater Exception for Renovation Typology


In preliminary studies, we have determined the project will be able to capture enough rainwater to entirely offset all potable and non-potable water needs within the project, meeting the 100% requirement. However, because it is a small renovation project with spacial constraints and limited ability to affect the infrastructure of the building due to lease limitations, the project will not be able to integrate a black water treatment system. We are inquiring to request an exception for urban renovation typology projects with spatial constraints, that can offset 100% of the water needs through precipitation, without including a blackwater system to treat all waste water on site.


While ILFI recognizes that Renovation projects often are more constrained than those under the Building Typology, lease limitations are not sufficient reason to grant an Exception. The project team should seek an acceptable means to incorporate treatment as required.

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