15-1125 v3.X Full Occupancy Meaning


Hello, The project is a small beach/ vacation home it will be occupied by its one-person owner, approximately 6 months of the year and seldom times used by guests. The whole house has a capacity of 8 people in total, however the occupancy will fluctuate over the performance period. In the Performance Period System Adjustments section of the Energy Petal it is mentioned that during the twelve consecutive month period, the balance must be calculated with FULL OCCUPANCY. What is the definition we must use for calculations? Thank you!


Full occupancy for residences is defined as 'occupied as intended for the long-term'. The project team must define the anticipated occupancy (both average number of residents and portion of the year) and show that that occupancy was met and the energy systems provided the required power during the Performance Period. The project team should use the Energy Narrative to explain both the long term plans and any discrepancy between capacity and occupancy. Project teams for second and/or vacation homes are also encouraged to produce more than the amount required to run the project currently to anticipate full occupancy loads in the future.

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