15-1211 v3.X Interpretive Signage Further Defined


As the Chicago Expansion project approaches completion, the team is planning the Interpretive Signage as a part of I20 Inspiration + Education. While interpretive signage is required, do the signs need to be actual physical signs hanging on the wall? The alternate option could be printed brochures that will live in the office reception area but that guests can take with them as they walk around. They would provide the ability for self-guided exploration and the ability for viewers to learn more about the office design. The pros of this would be that the team could change information as needed, visitors could take the information with them if requested and there wouldn't need to be signage that may interfere with the architectural design and beauty elements of the space.


Printed flyers alone are not sufficient to meet project signage requirements; both I20-5 Brochure and I20-6 Signage are required. Signage should provide opportunities to 'learn in place', using the building as an education tool, and should be visible, but does not need to be obtrusive.

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