15-1215 v3.X EV Charging Stations Red List Comparison


Hello, We have been trying for several months to obtain full chemical ingredient lists from EV Charging Station manufacturers, with very incomplete responses. All would be pedestal mounted; all have a coating on the pedestals. We are trying to choose the best of the four stations we've attempted to vet. One manufacture, GE, will not respond at all; the second, Schneider, lists a few ingredients and says other ingredients are not currently available. We have attached due diligence documentation for these and from the two we believe we need to choose between below: We have explained the small electrical components and proprietary exceptions to Schneider, Clipper Creek, and Chargepoint without detailed response to the parameters of the exceptions. The Clipper Creek is manufactured locally but the ingredients list is limited so we can't tell if there are Red List ingredients in it or not. The Chargepoint has more ingredient transparency, but it is not a complete list and has the Red Listed polycarbonate in it. We think that, due to the slightly more transparent documentation from Chargepoint, it should be our choice despite the polycarbonate. Please review and provide guidance as to whether Chargepoint will be acceptable for our project.


The team may use either the Clipper Creek or the Chargepoint EV chargers under I10-E1 General Red List since based on your research it seems both are likely to have some RedList ingredients, and one is more local, the other slightly more transparent. The due diligence research to source a compliant product, the partial ingredients list and RoHS confirmation from the selected manufacturer, the advocacy to the manufacturer, and this Dialogue should be submitted as documentation at the time of certification.

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