15-1215 v3.X Small Electrical Components Clarification


Hello, We would like to make sure that we understand what can and can't be considered for the Small Electrical Components Exception, so we have attached a small number of components that we believe can qualify, and a small number of components that we believe can't qualify for that exception, for your initial review. This will help inform us as to which items we need to vet for Red List. We appreciate your feedback. Small Electrical Components: DMP Keypad, DMP Output Module, FX-360 Motion Sensor, HDMI Splitter, HID MultiClss Readers, Kantech Request to Exit sensor, Nascom Door Contacts, Ortronics Cat 6 Patch Panels. Non-small Electrical Components: Avigilon Indoor Camera and Outdoor Camera, Ceiling Speakers.


The distinctions indicated in this post are reasonable. When in doubt, project teams should track the housing of electronic assemblies and ensure their constituent circuitry and other components are RoHS compliant.

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