15-1222 v3.X Natural Daylight and Ventilation System


Hello, we would like to use the GRP Suncatcher ABS 550 in our three private offices to meet our LBC daylighting and natural ventilation requirements. This product combines natural ventilation with a concentrating skylight. It has one Red List component that can't be replaced by the manufacturer with a compliant product - a polycarbonate inner dome. The PVC blade seals on the manual damper can be replaced with a non-Red List material. An operable skylight will not provide for the ventilation needs of these offices, nor will the only other type of combination vent/concentrating skylight products we have found to vet, which are designed for small toilet rooms. We've found no comparable concentrating skylights that are completely Red List free, and we haven't found a comparable combination skylight/ventilation unit on the market. Provided there are no other Red List ingredients in the final ingredients list the manufacturer is gathering from their damper and galvanized extension duct suppliers, can we use this combination unit with the appropriate due diligence documentation and advocacy?


The team may use the GRP Suncatcher ABS 550 under I10-E1 General Red List. The due diligence research to source a comparable product, the advocacy to Monodraught to remove Red List ingredients, and this Dialogue should be submitted as documentation at the time of certification.

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