15-1222 v3.X CDPH Testing in Progress


Hello, We have some questions re. CDPH testing. 1. Are products that have 0 VOC content still required to be tested to CDPH standards for VOC emissions - in other words, do they have the potential to offgas VOC's? 2. Can products that are currently undergoing CDPH standard testing but do not yet have testing results/certificates, be used, similar to a product that is in-process for a Declare Label? This applies specifically to Acri-Soy Wood and Concrete Penetrating Sealer, which we prefer as a wood sealer, and which has a much lower VOC content that the similar products we have vetted (example attached - Safecoat Penetrating Oil) that have had CDPH standard testing. Could we use the Acri-Soy or would we need to use the higher VOC Safecoat? The third comparable product we vetted had Red list ingredients - SoySeal.


All products covered within the California Department of Public Health Standard Method v1.1 are required to be CDPH compliant. The Standard requires the emissions testing of products for VOC's, formaldehyde, and acetaldehyde. Products with a calculated VOC content of 0 g/L are not guaranteed to be CDPH compliant and still require testing to meet the requirements of the Challenge. Products that are in the process of being chamber tested in accordance with the CDPH Standard Method v1.1 requirements may be installed on Living Building Challenge projects provided they have been submitted by the manufacturer for testing at the time of installation based on the new Exception below.

(v3.0) I08-E4 CDPH Testing In Progress
Products that have not completed testing to document compliance with CDPH Standard Method v1.1 may be installed on Living Building Challenge projects provided the manufacturer has submitted the product to an approved testing facility and is in the process of verifying compliance with CDPH at the time of product purchase.

I08-c Technical Documents - Documents demonstrating that CDPH testing is in progress for the material in question.

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