Staff Post - Municipal Sewer Connection

(v3.0) I05-E6 Municipal Sewage Connection + (v2.1) I06-E4 Municipal Sewage Connection
Projects in all Transects are allowed to connect to local municipal sewage treatment plants if all the following conditions are met. 

The treatment plant must:

1) Have a biologically-based treatment process with no chemicals
2) Be within .5 km of, and the same watershed as, the project
3) Treat water to tertiary levels and return water back to the project for use. 

The project must:

4) Have a balance of sewage going out and water returning from the plant
5) Not exacerbate an over-taxed combined sanitary/storm system
6) Not be separated from the plant by a lift station Include in energy production both a pro-rated amount of energy (i.e. kWh per gallon) from the plant treatment system, and
7) all pumping energy required to move the sewage/returned water to and from the project. 

I05-a Exception Narrative - must address at least 1,3, & 5 above 
I05-b Meter Data & Calculations - must address at least 4,5 & 7 above 
I05-c Design Documentation - must address at least 2, 3, & 6 above 

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