Staff Post - Consultants vs Specialty Consultants

The definition of ‘consultants’ encompasses only those project team members considered to be part of the core project team: the Architect, MEP Engineer, Structural Engineer, Landscape Architect, Interior Architect, Contractor and the Owner/Developer. 'Specialty Consultants' bring additional relevant, specialized expertise to the project (e.g. LBC consultant, acoustical engineer, etc). A core team member on an LBC project may also be considered "specialized" when they have a unique skillset (e.g. greywater expert, natural ventilation expert, etc.) that is pertinent to either the pursuit of the LBC, or the design of a system or feature that is essential to the project. If a consultant or 'specialty consultant' is readily available locally, the team should not bring in an expert from beyond the prescribed zone radii (per August 2014 v3.0 Materials Petal Handbook, p35 and 37), as the intent is to support and cultivate local knowledge and limit carbon impacts of travel. If a consultant or specialty consultant is not available within the respective prescribed zone radii, it is acceptable to exceed that distance under the following new Exception: 

(v3.0) I13-E2 Consultants and Specialty Consultants + (v2.1) I14-E18 Consultants and Specialty Consultants
Project teams may source consultants or specialty consultants from outside the allowable zone radii if the expertise needs to be imported and will be transferred in part to the local team; and if the consultant in question will limit travel to the site as much as possible. 

I14-c Narrative - A brief explanation of how the team has complied with Exception requirements.

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