16-0125 v3.X Healthy Interior Environment Monitoring Requirements


Our project is a tourism accommodation facility comprising of sleeping and ensuite bathroom spaces, communal shower block, communal living/social areas and warehouse storage facilities. We would like to understand the occupied locations where CO2, Temperature and RH measuring devices are required to be permanently installed. Currently we propose to have permanent CO2, Temp and RH sensors monitoring in the bedrooms and communal spaces however we would like to ascertain if Temp, RH & CO2 sensors are required in bathrooms and infrequently occupied storage spaces? We will monitor and control ventilation and heating within the bathrooms through the bathroom mechanical systems however they do not record the data and we have not currently allowed for CO2 monitoring in the bathroom space and shower block. Any clarification would be appreciated. Many thanks


The Standard does not specify the exact locations of required monitoring devices and monitoring devices are not required to record data, but should alert occupants or moderate ventilation if there is an issue. The project team should locate monitoring devices to best inform project occupants of ventilation system effectiveness and the need for outside air or operable window adjustments. Project teams requiring additional clarity on densely occupied spaces may reference the default occupancy values by space type included in ASHRAE 62.1.

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