16-0126 v3.X Clarification and Interpretation of Single Family


We are seeking clarification on the applicability of the maximum Single Family Residence Size of 425m2 in Imperative 15 (Human Scale + Humane Places) and further guidance on what number of occupants would constitute a ‘single family' for this purpose. We have reviewed the original Trim Tab article ‘Righteous Small House’ published in Winter 2009 from where this requirement appears to have originated, however we are unable to find any reference information from where the area requirements in this article (and resultant requirement within LBC v3.0) originated, or any evidence of a scaled approach (based on occupant number) within the v3.0 LBC requirements that was present within the original article proposal. The client in this instance is Chinese, and one of the main cultural differences with Chinese families is that family homes can often span three or more generations, with adult parents, children and grandparents all living together – as opposed to a conventional western family homes composition. We feel that the currently defined area requirement may not reflect this cultural difference and as such request further consideration, as a scaled approach by occupants (as originally proposed in Trim Tab) would appear to provide a more responsive requirement.


There is not a set number of occupants that comprises a "single family". In order to exceed the maximum single family residence size limitations for a single residence, the project team must make a good case via the Dialogue. The post should state the number of occupants and the relationship between the generations or family units (e.g. parents
and three adult children with spouses would be four family units; parents and three minor children would be one family unit) The post should also explain why the number of occupants or number of family units requires additional space to support their daily lives, including any cultural considerations that are relevant to the case. Houses that are permitted as separate dwelling units would be considered separately under the Challenge. Houses that exceed the size limitations are eligible for Petal Certification but could not meet the Equity Petal requirements.

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