16-0218 v2.X Way-Finding Signage


The Alice Ferguson Foundation (AFF) owns the approximately 116 acre Hard Bargain Farm property located in Accokeek, MD. The Potomac Watershed Study Center: Grass Building is located within the 52.63-acre parcel north and east of Bryan Point Road. The Grass Building and the future Moss Building have a project area within the parcel of 6 acres which is in Transect L1. With a property this large way-finding signage is very important for visitors to be able to walk or drive along the correct path or road to be able to navigate to the right building or site area. The design guidelines for Imperative 16 Human Scale + Humane Place v2.1 notes one free standing sign per development with a max dimension of 6”-6” x 8’-2” (2m x 2.5m) and a max height of the bottom edge of the sign of 6’-6” (2m). There is a planned AFF entry sign that will meet the requirements as noted above, but there are also the additions of smaller planned way-finding signage that will be “free standing”. Signage we hope to include are a Kiosk with a map of the property, directional signage, and building identification that will be place across the 6 acre project area, please see attached example images of signage. The signs will not only act to help direct visitor to the Grass building, but the overall Hard Bargain Farm Property. Do the requirements of this imperative apply to all “signage” including primary and way-finding signage or only primary signage (building, main entry, etc.)? We propose the latter as way-finding signage is most often small, designed for the use of the pedestrian, and a necessary tool for projects located on larger scale sites or campus settings.


Additional free-standing signs intended for way-finding are allowed when needed. The intent of the referenced requirements is to limit large scale signs that are not at a human scale and are obtrusive in the landscape. The size limitations apply to all signs, but the limit on the number of signs is for "primary" signs, such as campus, building or entry signs. Signage incorporated into art or sculptural elements that satisfy the intent and requirements of the Beauty Petal can exceed the limits of Imperative 16 Human Scale and Humane Places if they are of a scale that is suitable for foot traffic, as opposed to automobile traffic per 'Art as Signage' in the April 2015 v3.0 Equity Petal Handbook (v3.0 EPH p7).

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