19-1119 v3.X Residential High School - Emergency Power


Our project is a residential high school facility. In order to keep students and faculty safe in the event of a power outage, we have installed a diesel generator. In the original design, we needed backup power for both life safety systems and the greenhouse loads (to protect research experiments), yet propane-fired generators of this class are frequently incapable of meeting certain life safety performance requirements. In lieu of installing multiple/separate backup power systems, which would have resulted in more resource consumption and environmental impact, a single generator was selected. To comply with life safety requirements, including starting and being at correct voltage and frequency within 10 seconds, a diesel-fired generator was necessary. It should be noted that the generator's purpose is life safety (emergency lighting and alarm systems) and (originally) optional standby (greenhouse loads); it is not intended to supplement power provided by the utility or PV array, or for participation in load shed programs. Now that we have removed the B100 boiler from the facility, all circuits related to running the boiler and heating the greenhouse will no longer be powered. In addition, the amount of backup power required was minimized by setting up circuits for emergency lighting and other emergency systems as opposed to providing power to light the full building. Can you confirm that this generator is allowed under I06-E13 Critical Infrastructure and Life Safety - Emergency Power or I06-E6 Emergency Power Systems?


This generator is allowed under I06-E13 Critical Infrastructure and Life Safety - Emergency Power. This Exception is intended for projects where emergency power is a life safety issue. Typically, schools (particularly residential schools) are eligible for this Exception.

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