20-0114 v3.X Retail Signage


Our project is a shopping centre with over forty different tenancies, including supermarket, cinema, childcare centre, medical centre, liquor store, urban farm, shops, and restaurants.
Despite being a retail typology, the project has been designed to create a human-scaled rather than automobile-scaled place in order to promote human interaction, as our belief is that:
‘Life’s best experiences are created by people connecting in memorable places’.
People don’t connect in cars, they connect at a human scale.
The signage design has adopted this belief, taking a diversion from typical large-scale billboard-style signage that is usually obtrusive over a landscape, and focuses instead on the context and character of the neighbourhood.
We are proposing that our project be able to incorporate signage that is greater than the four square meters prescribed by LBC version 3.1 Imperative 15 (Human Scale + Humane Places) signage dimension restrictions. Attached are our signage elevations, showing our design intent for the two overall signage components:
1. incorporating signage into the façade of the building (in a refined manner that also supports wayfinding)
2. incorporating signage into two sculptural pylons (that are not only shorter than the building, but combine multiple tenants rather than allowing individual freestanding large-format advertising)
In both cases, we have considered how the signage will contribute to the place both during the day and night.
In short, we believe that our signage design is not only appropriate for the neighbourhood, it contributes to it by being progressive for the typology. Through this dialogue post, we would be grateful for the ILFI to confirm our approach is supported.
Thank you!


1. There is no maximum dimension requirement on facade signage for project teams pursuing I15 Human Scale + Humane Places under version 3.0 of the Living Building Challenge. The signage requirements apply to freestanding signage only.
2. Project teams are allowed one freestanding sign, but that number may be exceeded for signage that is intended for wayfinding and/or education. However, in order to exceed the maximum signage dimensions of 2.5 m x 3 m for projects in transect L4, the team will need to make the case that the signage is considered a sculptural element that satisfies the intent of the Beauty Petal. The freestanding signage design as provided does not appear to satisfy the intent of the Beauty Petal, nor does it appear to be for wayfinding purposes. 

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