20-0114 v3.X IAQ Post Occupancy Test


We request 3 Exceptions:
1. Our initial IAQ test results be accepted as both the Pre-Occupancy test and the Post-Occupancy test.
We were granted an exception for our pre-occupancy test to be completed after occupancy because we had to move into the house earlier than planned (see 18-1002 v3.X IAQ Exception Request). Unfortunately, we could not schedule a company to perform the testing until 23-24 January 2019. Therefore the testing was completed just over three months after occupancy (6 October 2018). As all our furniture, except 2 chairs and a new TV screen is made up of re-used 30 to 60 year old furniture, there would be little to no effect on air quality...as proving to be the case in our on-going air-quality testing.
2. Pre-Occupancy tests be accepted without NO2 and O3 results.
Due to a misunderstanding, the tests were done to v2.0 requirements instead of v3.1, so O3 and NO3 tests were not done. Also, as explained, the test was not in accordance with the requirements as we had already moved in anyway.
3. Post-Occupancy NO2 and O3 tests be accepted if more than 12 months after occupancy, but within 12 months of the start of the performance period.
Overall, we expect the air quality will have improved because since moving in, we gave away our hybrid car and are operating totally combustion free with a plugin EV, electric kitchen...barbeque and rechargeable candles even! Our solar generation and battery storage systems were not completed until December. We began our performance period on 21 February 2019. To date, we're generating twice as much energy as we use, giving back to the grid what we consider a substantial handprint.


  1. Due to delays in work completion, and because the pre-occupancy IAQ test is only used for baselining purposes rather than for determining compliance with thresholds for certification, the team may use the results of the initial IAQ test, completed approximately 3 months after occupancy, to satisfy the pre- and post-occupancy test requirement as long as the maximum allowable concentrations for I08 Healthy Interior Environment have not been exceeded.
  2. The pre-occupancy test may be submitted without NO2 and O3, as long as subsequent testing for NO2 and O3 are provided and demonstrate that maximum concentrations for NO2 and O3 are not exceeded.
  3. Post-occupancy testing for NO2 and O3 must be provided and should be completed as soon as possible in order to align with the LBC 3.0 I08 Healthy Interior Environment Imperative requirements.

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