20-0326 v4.0 Applicability of Human-Scaled Living Requirements to Interiors Typology


Our project is an interior fitout delivered by a tenant within a building. The building is owned by a separate organisation. The tenant does not have the right to modify parts of the building not under its control.
In LBC v3.1, all requirements in this credit were not applicable to a Renovation typology (noting that there are some new requirements in v4.0 that were not in LBC v3.1, but these can generally be treated in a similar way to the existing LBC v3.1 requirements).
In LBC v4.0 this credit is noted as 'scope dependent' for the Interiors typology but there is no clarification on how the requirements apply.
We propose that the following requirements be not applicable to this project:
  • Be built to a human scale that is appropriate for the neighborhood.
  • Provide places for occupants to gather and connect with the community.
  • Provide sufficient secure, weather-protected storage for human-powered vehicles and facilities, such as showers and lockers, to encourage biking.
We ask for clarification that we can use exception PL-014 'Projects with No Parking', given that:
  • there is existing car parking onsite
  • the car parking is not being modified by the project
  • the car parking is owned and managed by the building owner, which is a separate entity to the tenant (our client).
We note that the clarification for existing parking is sufficient to exclude the surface parking requirements from the project.
We note that the final requirement relating to reduction of SOV trips etc. includes a number of options that were excluded in LBC v3.1, however the project is proposing to meet this requirement through:
  • Advocacy in the community to facilitate the uptake of human-powered and public transportation.
  • A transit subsidy for all staff
  • Carpool coordination assistance.
  • Regular survey of occupants to determine current fossil fuel-based SOV trips.


Generally, any exterior-focused requirements in I04 Human Scaled Living are not required for projects with only an interior scope.

Given that this project falls under the Interior typology, and exterior work is not within the scope, it is not required to be built to a human scale that is appropriate to the neighborhood. 

Providing spaces for occupants to gather and connect with the community is still required. To be exempt from this requirement, the team will need to make the case that they are unable to provide place for occupants to gather and connect with the community. The team is encouraged to think creatively and consider the inclusion of benches or some form of public seating. 

Providing bike storage and facilities is still required. To be exempt from this requirement, the team will need to make the case that bike storage and facilities (such as showers and lockers) are not feasible for this project. To meet this requirement, the team may consider scale jumping if the building itself includes bicycle storage or other facilities for human-powered vehicles. You may also consider how bicycles may be stored securely throughout the interior if dedicated bike storage is not feasible.

If there are currently no EV charging stations in the existing, shared parking area, then the team is encouraged to advocate to the owner for the addition of EV charging stations. Use of PL-014 Projects with No Parking is not necessary, since the project is utilizing the existing on-site parking, and is therefore excused from the parking-related requirements in I04-Human-Scaled Living. 

The project may use the four best practices proposed in order to meet the vehicle trip reduction requirement. 

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