20-0615 Active Declare Label


We are requesting a clarification regarding the Declare labels of the products in the project.
The Petal Handbook states that "all active Declare labels during the course of the project (from registration until certification)" can be counted towards the required Declare labels.
What exactly does "active during the course of the project" mean? We are currently working with product manufacturers to get their products Declare certified prior to installing those products. We have registered the project for CORE certification. Can we include those materials as compliant ? Or are we only allowed to include materials that had a Declare label prior to registering the project for CORE certification?


Declare labels are active for one year before they need to be renewed. Project teams may use any products with Declare labels that are active between the project’s registration date and the time that the project submits for certification. Given that this project is registered, any products currently in the Declare database may be used to meet the required number of Declare products. 

The project team may use products whose manufacturers are actively working towards a Declare label. Please note, in order to count towards the required number of Declare products, the label will need to completed before the project submits for certification. In the case that one or more of the manufacturers does not complete their Declare label, the team may want to plan on using more than the required amount of products with active Declare labels. 

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