20-0623 Bunsen Burners for School Lab


This project is an education facility, which will be supporting Grades R through to their final year. As part of the school curriculum is Science and a part that said subject, students are to undertake experiments using Bunsen Burners. Educational activities/learnings include items such as be investigating what the hottest part of the flame by boiling water at different heights above the flame. A Bunsen burner is an important part of education as learners remember more of what they learn by doing than of what they read in a book or hear in a class.
The project team is aware that no combustion is allowed on site, however would like to make use of Exception I06 - E4 5/2009, whereby combustion based solutions for isolated applications, such as Bunsen Burners in a laboratory are allowed. The project team therefore request the use of Bunsen Burners in the school Laboratory for use as part of the educational curriculum of the learners.


The project team may use I06-E4 5/2009 Specialized Combustion for the Bunsen burners in the school laboratory. 

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