20-0702 PV Roof Coverage Clarification


For flat roofs it is our assumption that the following areas would be  included in the 75% PV square footage coverage because they are directly associated with and necessary for the PV system.
  1. Fire fighter pathways: accessible perimeter around edges of roof, required by the International Fire Code (Section 605.11)
  2. Ballasted PV panel area: including ballast and support framework
  3. PV shadowing: between sloped PV panels
  4. PV aisles: spacing to allow maintenance access and roof egress
  5. Roof drain access: cleaning and maintenance access
This is in alignment with the ILFI's language " standard industry practice(s) for PV installation and maintenance accessibility." Please confirm this is acceptable.


Projects must be designed and include solar photovoltaics within the project area that are equivalent to at least75% of the available roof area, using standard industry practice for PV installation and maintenance accessibility within that 75%. (See Dialogue post titled "19-0204 v3.x Available Roof Area").

Fire fighter pathways, ballasted PV panel areas, PV shadowing, and PV aisles may be included in the 75% of available roof area used for PV system. The team is encouraged to maximize on-site PV as much as possible, while ensuring safety and functionality. 

Roof drain access is not considered "available roof area" and therefore should not be included in the 75% of available roof area used for the PV system. 

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