20-0722 Correction to Core I06 Responsible Materials Text

To align with the intent and wording of the requirement in LBC 4.0 I12 Responsible Materials, the following text is added to the Core Standard, under Imperative I06 Responsible Materials, at the end of the paragraph addressing allowable sources of wood:

"The remainder must be from low risk sources".

The corrected entire requirement reads as follows:

"50% of wood products must be FSC, salvaged, or harvested on site, either for the purpose of clearing the area for construction, or to restore or maintain the continued ecological function of the site. The remainder must be from low risk sources".

Low Risk Wood

Low risk is defined as a source country with a score of 80 or higher as reported on the The Nature, Economy and People Connected Timber Sourcing Hub tool, where the country has laws and a low rating for both the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and Protected Sites and Species Sub-categories, and laws in at least 13 additional Sub-categories, including one law in each of the five Legal Categories. 

The LBC 4.0 Materials Petal Handbook contains a list of the countries meeting the definition. 


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