20-0731 v2.1 General Red List Exception for ERV


Our team is requesting a general red list exception for the energy recovery ventilators (ERV) at the building.
The manufacturer has provided a component breakdown of the air handling unit, along with a general description of ingredients. After repeated requests and extensive communication was pursued, the manufacturer was not able or willing to provide additional detail. Additionally, of the ingredients that were disclosed, it was found that a sealant used contained a red list material.
The project team decided to research additional manufacturers of these units to try and get a compliant alternative. After extensive research, it was found that only one other manufacturer could provide a unit with the capacity required for the project. This second manufacturer was also unwilling or unable to provide an ingredient list for their product, sending over even less information than received from the initial manufacturer.
The project team has been in communication with the manufacturer of the unit, advocating for a full disclosure of their product and participation in the Declare program. Additionally, due diligence documentation has been collected that states the lack of alternative options. It is our belief that this product qualifies for the General Red List exception and compliant with the intent of the Living Building Challenge.


The team has made a concerted effort to find a Red List-free product with compliant ingredient disclosure. This team may cite I11-E1 8/2008 General Red List for the product. Per the exception requirements, the team will need to submit advocacy letters to the manufacturers for the elimination of red list ingredients from their products, in addition to the due diligence documentation demonstrating the lack of alternative options. 

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