17-0725 v3.1/Binghamton University Nuthatch Hollow Environmental Studies Facility/Urban Agriculture Scale Jumping Within Campus Boundaries


02: Urban Agriculture

The Nuthatch Hollow Living Building requires 30,800 sq. ft. of agricultural land.  The university owns vacant land about a half mile up the road from the Living Building project site and wishes to scale jump the project's urban agriculture requirement to this area.  The vacant land abuts the University's one-half acre sustainable farming program, "BU Acres."  The Living Building acreage will be cultivated and the produce distribution managed in cooperation with the University's existing "BU Acres" farming program. See the attached description of the program.  Is this acceptable compliance with I02's scale jumping requirements?  And, can the University begin clearing and cultivating the land immediately, so as to complete at least one planting by the end of the audit year?


It is acceptable to scale jump to a nearby site owned by the University to meet the requirements of I02 Urban Agriculture. As with all scale jumped area, the remote site does not need to be included in the Project Area but must meet all other targeted Imperatives and be included in the on-site education materials. 

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