20-0826 v3.X Compliance with I04-E1 Projects with No On-Site Parking


The Sustainable Coastlines Flagship is a temporary building, located within an existing carpark. The project area replaced 19 car parks with a facility which hosts an organisation whose mission is to enable people to look after the coastlines and waterways they love.
Within the existing carpark, an EV charging station is located in the North East corner (as per the attached site plan).
As the Flagship is highly central, and Sustainable Coastlines encourage the use public transport, walking and cycling - the facility has no dedicated carparks.
In keeping with the requirement of this existing exception, Sustainable Coastlines Operations Director has written an advocacy letter to Panuku Development Auckland (the relevant Council Controlled Organisation) to consider installing more EV charging stations in the area (advocacy letter attached).
We trust this fulfills the requirements of the existing exception I04-E1 3/2016 - however please advise if anything further is required.


Because the project is on an existing car park, hasn't added additional parking, and there is an existing EV charging station, there is no need to document I04-E1 for this Imperative.
It appears the requirement for an EV charging station has been met, but note that you must still document how other requirements of this Imperative have been met when submitting for audit. With regard to advocacy, there must still be advocacy for the uptake of human-powered transportation. The provided advocacy around EV charging stations is above and beyond what is required; we applaud your thoroughness and commitment to enabling and advocating for fossil-fuel free transportation options!
Related to parking, if the existing parking has not been disturbed (aside from displacement of existing parking with the project footprint), it may be excluded from the project area and does not need to meet the parking-related requirements of I15 Human Scale + Humane Places.

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