20-0909 Clarification of Transect


The project is located in downtown Muscatine, IA, a community of approximately 24,000 people. There are buildings of varying scale adjacent to the project site, ranging from 2 to 11 stories with zero lot lines in the downtown central business district. There are mostly on-street parking and surface parking lots nearby. There is also a residential neighborhood located a few blocks away.
Based on the transect descriptions, the project site at 304 Iowa Avenue could potentially fall within L4 or L5. How is a final determination made? Is this project site an L4 based on the size of the community and density within 1/2 mile or an L5 based on immediately adjacent property density? An aerial photograph with project site marked at the center is attached for review.


As indicated, some locations have characteristics common to two Transects. The Institute is proposing to develop more specific guidance for determining the most appropriate Transect. In this instance, we think L5 makes sense. 

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