20-0909 JUST Organisation - Alternative Path for Charitable Organisation as Owner


Sustainable Coastlines did not work with a JUST Organisation through the course of design and construction. The facility is now operational.
We are of the understanding that there were no JUST label holders in New Zealand during Sustainable Coastlines design, and that Tennent Brown Architects were the first to become a JUST Organisation, potentially during construction, potentially after. They continue to be the only JUST Organisation in New Zealand, but they weren’t the architect on record.
Sustainable Coastlines are a charity, and not currently in a position to pursue JUST. Design professionals on the project offered their services as in-kind sponsorship and were not asked to commit to JUST.
Attached is a written statement from Sustainable Coastlines, describing how they see themselves as a ‘just’ but not JUST organisation. We would like to understand if there is an alternative pathway that the project owner could follow to demonstrate how the meet the intent of this imperative, without having a JUST label holder on record through design and construction.


Based on the information provided, the Institute does not see a basis for exempting the project from the Just Organization requirement. It does not appear to qualify for Exception I18-E1 6/2016 Volunteer Based Projects, which applies to projects carried out completely through volunteer efforts, with no paid staff. And while we appreciate the organization's support of its employees and the local community, rather than suggesting a rationale for exemption from the Just label requirement, those efforts point to the organization being a great candidate for the label. 

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