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We are applying LBC certification to a residential project located in the city of Niterói, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our project is located in the urban area of Niterói, which is part of the Metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro (approved L5 transect classification).

Our project consists of a site with a total area of 2.850m² and a total gross floor area of 485m², this results in a F.A.R = 0,17, resulting in a total of 1.000m² for food production (35% of the project area).

Open courts and trees occupy most of the pre-developed site, having a low biodiversity and ecological quality per itself. The proposed design will remove the courts and include two pre-fabricated buildings (completing the mentioned gross floor area) and will restore the rest of the area with native landscape, increasing the site’s biodiversity and ecological value. However, it is being quite difficult for us to incorporate the required 1.000m² for food production.

Given the definition of Project Area, as transcript below:

“(…) The Project Area must include all areas that are disturbed by the project work, including any areas used during construction for work, utility conveyance or staging.

Typically the Project Area will include the entire property. If there is an ecologically based reason to exclude an undisturbed portion of the property from the Project Area, that is allowed on a case-by-case basis. The Project Area can include non-contiguous areas of land.

No undisturbed area will be present if we consider the landscape that will be restored. However I would like to propose that we withdraw the areas of landscape from the project area, once that it will be part of a restoration of the site with native species, and therefore try to decrease the total area required for food production (see attached file).  

So, I would like to check if my proposal regarding the withdraw of the landscaped area is valid, given its biodiversity enhancement purpose, in order to increase the F.A.R value and decrease the total area for food production.


Ecological Exclusion may be used for the existing tree canopies, but not for new native landscaping which is a requirement of I-01 Limits to Growth. In order to achieve the intent of Urban Agriculture, the required amount of the site area (either on or off the site) must be used for agriculture per the August 2014 v3.0 Place Petal Handbook (PPH p18-27). The team is encouraged to seek alternative strategies that might use vertical or shared spaces (e.g. vines or under-tree plantings), and to explore scale jumping into the surrounding community. 

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