20-1014 Dry Chemical Fire Suppression in a Commercial Kitchen


We wanted to confirm the use of a dry chemical fire suppression system in a commercial kitchen for life safety reasons. Cannot determine if/which Petal this would affect, but for the exhaust hoods above the kitchen equipment we propose to use Type 1 NFPA 96 hoods so they can extinguish grease fires. The proposed system is the Ansul 102 chemical system (which we hope will never be used), and the remaining fire suppression system is water-based. Does this have any LBC implications? Thank you.


A kitchen hood is in scope for the Materials Petal, and potentially, for I08 Healthy Interior Environment, unless all of the exposed surfaces are metal, which is considered inherently non-emitting.

Given that the product is a priority for life safety, if it does not meet Red List requirements for disclosure or chemical content, when submitting for certification, the project should cite, and demonstrate compliance with, the requirements of the I10-E1 8/2008 General Red List Exception, including documentation that the system is being used only where required for life safety.

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