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Previously our project has been determined to be a part of the L4 transect as the FAR for the neighborhood (the block our project is on plus the eight blocks surrounding it), the block and the project area are all between 1.13 and 0.65 (the latter has been updated based on a prior ruling). Similarly, the project is located in a part of town that is "comprised of light- to medium-density mixed use development found...at the edge of larger cities."

Consistent with development found in the L4 Transect, our project site (an adaptive reuse of an existing structure) has a zero lot line on the west and a near zero lot line on the north and east property lines (a corner property fronting on two public streets). A very limited amount of site area on the south houses an existing transformer that cannot be relocated and must also meet the demand for urban agriculture, above ground cistern(s), LBC required vehicle charging, an accessible parking stall w/ accessible route, outdoor amenities for occupants, etc. We have explored a variety of vertical and overhead urban agriculture strategies in order to make meeting the urban agriculture requirement possible.

The purpose of this post is to request that the urban agriculture requirement for our project be based on the neighborhood FAR of 1.13 (15%).


It is not acceptable for a building to use neighborhood FAR. In cases where the LBC project has a lower FAR than the average neighborhood FAR, the team is encouraged to use Scale Jumping so neighbors may benefit from urban agriculture.

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