20-1201 Secured but not Permanent


Our project is looking at the use of waste receptacles around the perimeter of the property and within the project boundary. The waste receptacles in question would be required to be bolted down, mostly for security purposes so no one runs off with them. Technically these receptacles will not be "affixed" to the building or make up the structure of the building, and can be taken out or moved at any time with a simple tool. Our question then is, is this product required to be red list free?


The receptacles as described, which neither form part of the structure or function of the building, nor are permanently affixed to the building, would be considered Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment, and not within the scope of the Materials Petal. The project team is encouraged, but not required to source receptacles that are free of Red List ingredients, and should note that any receptacles within the building may affect readings from the Indoor Air Quality testing required for projects pursuing the Health and Happiness Petal.

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