15-0318 v2.1/R.W. Kern Center/Transform Conventionally Managed Agriculture Into Organically Managed Agriculture


For our project, the Urban Agriculture requirement requires that 0.8 acres of land be devoted to agricultural purposes.  Rather than do so on site, our project proposes to achieve this requirement through a scale jump.  The College operates an organic farm, and we propose to add at least 0.8 acres (and more likely more than two acres) of new, LBC compliant, organic production to this ongoing operation.  We understand that any management practices (including fertilization, pest control, and irrigation) and new infrastructure (fences, barns, etc) must meet applicable LBC requirements for this additional acreage.

Please confirm the following:

The College will transform land that is currently under conventional agricultural management, (not organically certified, not LBC compliant) to organically managed agriculture.  This transformation will meet the intent of the imperative by improving existing lands using ecological agricultural practices that improve soils, increase biodiversity, provide habitat buffers and corridors, improve organic matter storage and increase nutrient levels.

Thank you in advance for your guidance.


The proposed strategy is allowed if it can meet the requirements of the following new Exception:

(4/2015) (v2.1/v3.0) I02-E03 Existing Agriculture
Existing agriculture may be used to satisfy Imperative 02 Urban Agriculture provided that double the required percentage of project area, or 90% of project area, whichever is less, meets the requirements of all targeted Imperatives.

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