21-0212 Local Carbon Offset Supplier


As discussed with ILFI Staff earlier, we would like to propose a more local and appropriate mechanism to compensate for the embedded carbon, through a cooperative of planters called Arbre-evolution. This organisations' mission is to marry carbon compensation with environmental education by planting trees in life environments: municipal terrains, schoolgrounds, public parks, etc. Not only for the many ecosystem services of these trees, but also to bring together humans, educate, grow together. To fund, AÉ approaches local businesses, SMEs, and their employees often collaborate on the day of the planting and maintenance of the trees.

This site, in French, gives a good overview of what the cooperative stands for:


The have a carbon compensation project (including quantification, monitoring and registration) for this program.

Another program that is currently underway, called Carbone Riverain, will focus on tree planting in riparian zones to protect rivers and water courses from erosion, pollution. Tree planting can be realised in the same watershed as the Ultima-Éco construction.

What would be the trajectory to have AE approved as a supplier of carbon credits to offset embedded carbon of the Ultima-Éco model? Note that offset , providing for a geographically sound compensation.


In order to be approved as a carbon offset provider, the specific project and AE's processes would need to be demonstrated as equivalent to those of a Green-e certified Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER) or Certified Emission Reduction (CER). The project team would need to submit to ILFI, a detailed comparison showing how all of the values that the Green-e Endorsed Programs confer - additionality, verification, enforceability, and permanence - are being achieved. The information should be submitted to lbc.support@living-future.org. The Institute will review the documentation and respond with a request for additional information or a ruling.

The Institute can offer the following additional information about the Green-e criteria:

Verifiers used by Green-e have accreditation under the ISO14065 standard for Validation and Verification of Forest Carbon Offset Programs. In order to clearly demonstrate equivalence, proposed verifiers should hold that accreditation.

Note that in order to qualify as a carbon offset for purposes of I08 Net Positive Carbon, reforestation projects must result in an increase in treed area (i.e. additionality as required by Green-e); neither ongoing woodland management nor replacement of felled trees can be counted.

As a reference, Climate Action Reserve is an Endorsed Program of Green-e that provides protocols for forestry and urban forestry projects. It also provides a list of both certified and in-process forestry projects from across the US, which might be useful examples.

Climate Action Reserve also offers training and an accreditation process.


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