21-0212 ADA Equivalency for Catalunya Accessibility Requirements


The project is located in Catalunya and complies with the Codi d´Accesibilitat de Catalunya. This Codi d´Accesibilitat de Catalunya has been accepted as an equivalent to the American Disabilities Act (ADA) design regulations by the International WELL Building Institute and projects applying WELL certification are considered compliant with ADA regulations when applying the equivalent local code. We would like to request the same equivalency for the project regarding ADA compliance. Project will implement, in addition of the local equivalent regulation, principles of Universal Design.


As indicated in the text of exception I16-E3 05/2013 ADA/ABA International Equivalency, which offers a path for demonstrating the equivalency of other standards with ADA/ABA, a thorough analysis of the relevant ADA/ABA requirements and the equivalent local standards, demonstrating that their local code meets the intent of ADA/ABA requirements through different means must be provided.

Reference to the WELL Building Standard's acceptance of the Codi d'Accesbilitat de Catalunya does not constitute the required analysis. The Institute is unable to evaluate or approve the request based on the information provided.

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