Quick Guide | Navigating your Living Future Education Account

Help! I can't log into my Education Account!

Have you previously purchased courses from the Living Future online course catalog?

  • If no — You don't have an Education Account just yet! Don't worry — you'll be prompted to create an Education Account while purchasing your first course or curriculum from the online course catalog.
  • If yes (or unsure) — Try these instructions for resetting your password.

Please Note: If you're a Living Future Member, keep in mind that your Membership Dashboard and Education Dashboard are hosted on two separate platforms, each with their own login credentials. If you aren't already, we recommend using the same username/email address for both sites.

How do I create an Education Account?

Your Education Account is created when you purchase your first course or curriculum from the Living Future online course catalog. You'll encounter the "Sign Up" button on the second page of the checkout process (see screen clip below).

Tip: When creating your Education Account, we recommend using the same username/email address used for your Living Future Membership Account (if you have one). This tends to reduce login issues.

Can I share my Education Account with a colleague?

No — our education platform cannot accommodate multiple learners within a single account. Each individual enrolled in and completing coursework will need to have an Education Account registered in their own name. Otherwise, the platform is not able to record credits, maintain transcripts, and issue certificates or credentials properly. 

Tip: If you're overseeing multiple colleagues' LFA achievements, you are welcome to email us at LFA@living-future.org to request that we add your email as a cc'd address on your group's Education Accounts. Doing so will allow you to be copied on course enrollment and completion emails for the other members of your group. 

Though you're not able to share an Education Account, you're encouraged to pursue LFA alongside your team! Learn more here.

How do I reset the password for my Education Account?

  1. Go to the Living Future Education Dashboard.
  2. Click the "Log In" button in the top right of your screen.
  3. Click "Forgot Password" (see screen clip below — look for the small print in the bottom right of the Log In box).
  4. Enter the username or email address for your Education Account.
  5. Click "Reset Password."
  6. Check the inbox and spam folder of the email address associated with your Education Account. The sender will be from noreply.education@living-future.org with the subject line: Living Future Education Password Reset. It may take a minute to arrive. Please note that the password link will expire after 24 hours.

Reach Out: If you do not receive the password reset email, contact us at education@living-future.org and we'll get you back in!

How do I change the username/email address associated with my Education Account or update the information in my Education Profile?

Just send us an email at education@living-future.org! Our education platform does not allow users to update this information themselves, so we're always happy to make any updates on your behalf. 

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