Quick Guide | Pursuing Living Future Education & LFA as a Team

Can I pursue Living Future Education online courses & LFA with my team?

Absolutely — join the 70+ firms that have accelerated their team’s LFA achievements through a Corporate Membership package!

Living Future Memberships, the LFA professional credential, and access to ILFI's suite of regenerative design courses are great benefits to offer your staff and a convenient way to upskill your team. You can enroll everyone in our LBC 4.0 Introduction course, the 12-hour Foundations of Biophilic Design Certificate, a 16-credit decarbonization course bundle, and more.

Corporate Membership packages offer a streamlined way to provide everything your team needs to become accredited, including additional discounts on Foundational Curriculum enrollments and General Credit sources for your whole group. There's no better way to grow your team’s recognition as leaders in regenerative design, and join the community of organizations building their capacity to advocate for a living future.

Looking to save? Non-profit and public organizations receive an additional 40% fee reduction on Corporate Membership Packages.

What benefits can my team expect from a Corporate Membership Package?

When you sign your team up for a Corporate Membership Package, you can expect:

  • Exclusive access to peer-to-peer and expert-led education experiences, company promotion, and networking opportunities
  • Reduced overall cost of accreditation
  • Growth of your organization’s capacity to work on and advocate for advanced sustainable design projects
  • Confidence responding to and leading projects pursuing Living Future Challenge certifications and labels
  • Having a breadth and depth of regenerative design knowledge on the team

How do I get started pursuing LFA with my team?

If you're ready to pursue LFA as a team and receive your group discounts, just follow these steps:

  1. Determine your group size and review our packages.
  2. Email LFA@living-future.org to establish the group, discuss package customization, and pay via invoice.
  3. Receive access to your package benefits and distribute them amongst your team.

Please Note: Each learner in your group will have their own Education Account and will achieve LFA as an individual.

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