To access the new Program Manuals, please visit the following links or visit the member dashboard. Note: the updated programs just have one reference document, a Program Manual, that replaces the Standard + Handbooks of previous programs.

Reporting Tables for Certification Documentation

LBC 4.0 Materials Tracking Table (I-10 CDPH, 1-13 Red List, I-14 Responsible Sourcing, I-15 Living Economy Sourcing)

LBC 4.1 Materials Tracking Table (I-10 CDPH, 1-13 Red List, I-14 Responsible Sourcing, I-15 Living Economy Sourcing)

Energy Production and Demand Table (All Versions Zero Energy, Zero Carbon, and Energy Petal)

Net Positive Carbon- Energy Sub-Metering Tracking Table

Net Positive Water- Water Supply and Use Table (All Versions)

Net Positive Waste- Waste Diversion Table (Projects may use their own equivalent or this table)

Potable Water Budget Calculator (LBC 4.1 I-05 Core/Petal)

Zero Energy and Zero Carbon Documentation Requirements

Just Self Assessment

Case Study Templates

Petal Case Study Template

Zero Carbon Case Study Template

Zero Energy 1.0 Case Study Template

Zero Energy 1.1 Case Study Template

LBC, ZC, ZE Program Change Guides

April 5, 2024. ILFI is excited to announce important updates and transitions in our certification programs! These changes are designed to elevate the impact of our Living Building Challenge (LBC), Zero Energy CertificationTM (ZE), and Zero Carbon CertificationTM programs, enabling a clearer understanding of the requirements. The revisions include transitioning from Living Building Challenge 4.0 to 4.1 and updating the Zero Carbon and Zero Energy certification programs from their 1.0 versions to 1.1. Additionally, we have aligned within and between the Energy Petal of the LBC, ZC, and ZE to provide a cohesive and streamlined certification experience. With the updates, Core Green Building Certification is now officially a pathway within LBC (like Petal). Project may register for any of these programs until June 30, 2024. After that date, the LBC 4.0, Core 1.0, and ZE and ZC 1.0 programs will no longer be open for registration.

Zero Energy 1.0 -1.1 Change Summary Guide

Zero Carbon 1.0 - 1.1 Change Summary Guide

LBC 4.0 - 4.1 Change Summary Guide (including Core and Petal)

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