Just 3.0 FAQ

Why is Just being updated? 

The evolution of the Just program is driven by shifts in the global landscape, an enhanced comprehension of social justice issues, insights from technical advisors, and experiences of participating organizations.  In the time since Just 2.0 launched in 2019, the ILFI team has identified challenge areas and gaps based on both new research and user experience feedback from Just organizations. We also saw an opportunity to reframe the program to emphasize continuous improvement and the fact that growth is not always linear. Finally, a full program update provided the chance to reflect learning and progress around "what good looks like" based on our current understanding of justice and equity in organizational contexts.

What process did ILFI undergo to develop Just 3.0? 

Just 3.0 is the result of a rigorous development process. It involved extensive research, collaboration with the 20 collective members of our Organizational Equity Technical Advisory Group (TAG), input from peer organizations and industry partners, and feedback from our community of Just organizations. ILFI also hosted a public review period and conducted pilot testing of select new or redesigned Just 3.0 indicators with a small group of Just organizations.

When will Just 3.0 launch? 

Our teams are working hard to finalize Just 3.0 and plan on launching the new version at Living Future 2024 and online on May 8, 2024

When can I register for Just 3.0? 

The Just 3.0 Manual and the link to register will be available to everyone on our Just webpage starting May 8, 2024. 

Will there be a cost difference for Just 3.0? 

No. The cost of Just 3.0 will remain the same and based on the number of full-time employees that an organization has. Please review our fee structure below, which applies to all new and renewal Just labels: 

When will we know what the changes from Just 2.0 to Just 3.0 will be? 

All final updates to Just will be accessible on the program's launch date, May 8, 2024. ILFI conducted a public review period for Just 3.0 from February 20 to March 8, 2024, allowing organizations to review and provide feedback on the upcoming changes. While participating organizations have insight into the proposed adjustments, ILFI is carefully considering and integrating public feedback before finalizing Just 3.0 for launch in May 2024.

Can our organization renew with Just 2.0? 

Yes. We will continue accepting Just 2.0 registrations through July 31, 2024. All Just 2.0 applications must be completed by April 30, 2025, to allow time for the review process. Our final Just 2.0 labels will be posted by July 31, 2025, with an expiration date of August 1, 2027. No changes or exceptions will be made for these dates. 

Why might our organization choose to renew our label under Just 2.0 instead of Just 3.0? 

Renewing your label under Just 2.0 can offer two key advantages. Firstly, if your organization has been working on improving your performance with the current Just 2.0 indicators, we encourage organizations to see that through by tracking the impact and progress of their efforts. Secondly, renewing with Just 2.0 now provides a two-year window to review and prepare for your organization’s transition to Just 3.0. Recognizing that the Just process demands significant time and effort, we understand that organizations may need sufficient time to adapt to new requirements and be well-prepared for submission.

Can we get an extension to apply if our organization’s Just Label expires soon after launch?

If an organization's current 2.0 label expiration date is between May 1, 2024-August 1, 2024, the organization is eligible to have their expiration date extended by 4 additional months if they register for a Just 3.0 label and pay the Just program fee by or before their label’s expiration. This will be a one-time extension, only available for organizations falling within this timeframe and pursuing Just 3.0. Once the organization’s Just label has expired, it will be removed from the Just database until a new label is finalized. 

Our organization has registered for Just 2.0, but we would like to pursue Just 3.0 instead. Is that possible? 

As long as the organization has not yet gone through the review process, switching to a Just 3.0 application will be possible. The organization will need to notify the Just team in order to make this change. Please note that we will have to open up a new application and the organization will have to restart the documentation submission process (already submitted documents or data will not transfer over to the new application).

Can our organization apply the same policies used for Just 2.0 in our 3.0 application? 

For the indicators that have remained similar or the same, it is likely that an organization can use previous policies, as long as the policy includes the basic elements of a policy, as outlined in the Just 3.0 manual. 

​​Policies must include the following basic elements:

  • Purpose statement
  • Defined requirements or components
  • Who is responsible for overseeing or administering the policy
  • How often the policy will be evaluated for potential updates

Note that there may be specific elements that need to be included for each Indicator. Where relevant, these requirements are included in the indicator clarifications.

How long does our organization have to apply for Just 3.0?

Once registered, organizations have 12 months to complete their Just application.  Once an organization submits their application,  the review to  finalization process can take between 1-3 months. Please take this timeframe into account when planning for your Just label submission and renewal.

If the organization is renewing, please note that if your current Just label expires, it will be removed from our database until your new label is finalized. 

How long will it take for our organization to get our new label? 

Organizations should plan for the review and finalization process to take between 1-3 months. Below is an overview of the process. During each step, the Just team will provide organizations with 2-4 weeks to respond, and expect the same time in return to review, draft, and finalize an organization’s label. To ensure quality in our reviews, label creation, and customer support, we do not offer an expedited option to this process. If an organization is renewing their Just label, we recommend submitting for review 2 months prior to their label’s expiration date to avoid a lapse of their previous label. 

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