19-0305 Utilization of Lake to Meet Imperative


Our project has a man-made lake situated at the center of the site. We wish to utilize the lake's water for potable and/or non-potable water supply for the entire site, in order to meet Net Positive Water. Can we consider the lake as a conservation easement AND also use it as a water supply? The concept is to extract water from the lake, and after use, undergo treatment to natural conditions and feed back into the lake.


Lake water may be used to satisfy development needs if done in a way that meets the requirements of the Water Petal and all other LCC and LBC Imperatives being pursued. Any lake, lakeshore and/or adjacent areas disturbed/developed for the purpose of water sourcing, conveyance, etc. must be included in the project area. Undisturbed / undeveloped lake and lakeshore areas planned to remain undeveloped and protected from any/all future development through a partnership with a reputable land trust may contribute to required land area conserved per LCC I01 - Limits to Growth rules/requirements for greenfield site development in developing countries. 

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