19-04 LCC I01 + I03 Conserved Land Contributing to Multiple Imperatives

Clarification Regarding Conserved Land Under LCC I-01 Limits to Growth and LCC I-03 Habitat Exchange

In limited circumstances, land area conserved “on or adjacent to the Community” may contribute to satisfying requirements under both LCC I-01 Limits to Growth and LCC I-03 Habitat Exchange.

Per LCC 1.2 I-01 Limits to Growth,"A Community in a developing country may build on a Greenfield site as long as the project permanently conserves (through a partnership with a reputable land trust) twice as much land on or adjacent to the Community as is developed". The conserved land needs to have equal or better ecological function relative to indigenous systems, than the land developed on.

Any land on or adjacent to the Community that is placed into a permanent easement meeting the requirements of LCC I01 Limits to Growth for building on a Greenfield, may also count towards the area required to be offset for LCC I03 Habitat Exchange, as long as both the land and the land trust meet the requirements identified under I03 Habitat Exchange Clarifications in the 3.1 LBC Place Petal Handbook (pages 29 and 30), which specify among other criteria, that the land to be protected is a minimum of 100 contiguous acres, and is "high value habitat".

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