FAQ Building Program Registration Fees

As of April 11, 2024, updated June 11, 2024

If you don't find an answer to your question using the FAQs below, and after consulting the program handbooks for specific program requirements, please contact sales@living-future.org.

Q: Why are the registration fees for ZE/ZC and Core/LBC the same if the programs differ?

The Registration fees reflect the cost to ILFI for supporting a project from registration up to the certification (audit) phase. The updated structure streamlines the registration process so the client doesn’t have to confirm the project’s size or lock in the intended certification at registration. The certification fees then differentiate between the programs based on program requirements, associated support, complexity of audit, and project size. 

Q: Is ILFI Membership required to register a project?

Yes, but only to register the project. Otherwise, the project owner can invite non-members to the project Portal to submit documentation and monitor progress.

Q: How do I register and pay my project registration fee? 

The individual registering the project must hold an active Living Future Membership. Once membership is set up, the member may go through the Member Dashboard and select “Register or Manage a Project/Label” to begin the registration process. Once ILFI processes the registration application, the team may pay by credit card, wire transfer, or check, following the instructions provided by ILFI

Q: Is structured parking considered when calculating the certification fee?

Projects must report gross building area, excluding structured parking, to calculate the ILFI certification fees. While exempt from fee calculations, projects must include structured parking and related loads for all Imperative calculations, including embodied carbon, energy, and water use calculations.  

Q: How do fee changes impact registered project teams? 

Projects registered with a current registration and/or certification agreement with ILFI (e.g., a five-year plan) are locked into those fees and terms for five years from the registration date. Projects with agreements that don’t anticipate certifying within five years may contact ILFI within the final year of their agreement for a one-year extension. Otherwise, published fees will apply once agreements expire.

For Registered projects without an agreement, certification fees will be based on the fees published at the time of certification. 

Q: In addition to fee changes, what else has changed? 

  • With the LBC 4.1update, ILFI consolidates the LBC framework to include Core as a certification pathway alongside Petal and Living Certifications. Core is foundational for any project pursuing Living or Petal (the 10 Core Imperatives are required elements**). As a certification pathway it is ideal for AEC teams and owners looking to begin their journey toward fully regenerative building practices. To understand the Core requirements, please review the LBC 4.1 Program Manual.

** Except for I12 Materials, that is superseded by Imperatives I13-I16 for Petal achievement

  • Beginning March 1, we are returning to a simpler, two-part payment that aligns with other certification payment schemes and reduces administrative headaches for all parties.

  • ILFI has made all program Handbooks that include the detailed requirements available to all; no membership is required. Please visit ILFI's website to download all current program handbooks. Member can find these on the Member Dashboard as well.

  • Beginning March 1, new projects registering will have a specific number of free Request for Rulings to ensure that project teams judiciously use and adequately substantiate their requests to use exceptions or have ILFI consider unique circumstances. The number of included Requests is indicative of most project engagement. Please see this guidance for more information on when and how to submit a request. The following is the number of Requests a team will receive free of charge per registration fee:

Zero Energy Zero Carbon Core LBC/Petal
2 3 5 8

International project teams will have two additional Request for Rulings covered by their Registration fees in recognition that they may need to establish equivalences.

Additional Requests may be purchased for USD 250/Request and must be paid via credit card.

Q: Can a registered project switch to a different ILFI certification program?


In early April ILFI will launch LBC 4.1, ZE 1.1, and ZC 1.1. There will be a transition period until June 30, 2024, for new projects to register for either version of a selected program and for registered projects to upgrade to their new version. Projects with existing agreements may preserve the agreement pricing if upgrading during this period. There will be a $250 administrative fee payable via credit card.

After June 30, 2024: For projects that have not started the audit process, the team may switch programs (from LBC/Core to ZE or ZC, or vice versa), and previously paid program fees may be credited less a $250 administrative fee payable via credit card. Teams must complete a new application in Portal for the appropriate program and move any relevant documentation to the new program Portal. Teams will not receive additional coaching services on top of their initial registration allowance, but they may purchase additional technical support check-in meetings or consulting services as needed. ILFI will credit fees paid, but no refunds will be issued. 

Q: What are the Sunset Dates for ILFI Certification Programs?

Projects must submit for Ready Audit within the sunset dates mentioned below:

  • LBC 3.x projects must begin the Certification Audit phase by December 31, 2024.
  • LBC 4.0, Core 1.0, ZE 1.0, and ZC 1.0 must begin the certification Ready Audit phase by December 31, 2029.
  • Upcoming Programs LBC 4.1, ZE 1.1 and ZC 1.1 must begin the Certification Ready Audit phase by December 31, 2032.

Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Project teams must reach out to ILFI at lbc.certification@living-future.org at least one year before the sunset date to discuss the possibility of an extension.

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