Just Registration & Submission Process

Ready to start your Just Label process? Follow the following steps (these are the same for new and renewing organizations):

1. Join the ILFI community.

At least one employee within your organization needs to become a Living Future Member (click here to sign-up). A professional, non-profit, or corporate membership will provide access to the Living Future Member Dashboard which houses technical resources, toolkits, and the project portal to register and submit documentation for Just.

2. Register for Just.

Once you are an active member, log into the Member Dashboard, click “Register/Manage Your Project or Label”, on the next page click “Access Just Portal”, then select “Programs” on the top right hand corner, then select “Just 2.0 More” and click “Apply”. Enter your organization’s name, and click “Create Application.” Complete the Just 2.0 Registration form, return to the main submission page, and click “Submit.”

3. Pay the program fee.

After your organization has submitted the Just registration form, ILFI will issue you an invoice for the program fee. The program fee is based on the number of full-time employees ranging from $2,010 for 1 employee to $27,300+ for 10,000+ employees (see the chart below). This is a one-time payment that will be good for the two year duration of your Just label. The program fee applies to all new and renewing organizations.

4. Upload your information.

Once the label fee is paid, your organization will be able to upload policies and data for each of the Just indicators. If your organization is applying for Just 2.0, please use the Just 2.0 Handbook throughout your application process (the Just 2.0 Manual will not provided all the clarifications, exceptions, and documentation requirements that you will need). If your organization is applying for Just 3.0, please use the Just 3.0 User Manual (coming May 8, 2024).

When all the necessary documents have been uploaded, please return to the main submission page and click the “Submit” box.

5. Review label draft.

Once your organization has submitted the application, ILFI staff will begin the application review cycle and will contact the organization if additional information is needed. When all the requested information has been supplied, the organization will be informed of their levels of achievement. Once the organization has accepted their ratings, they will receive a Just label draft within 2-3 weeks. The organization will have the chance to review and accept the label draft. On average, the entirety of the process to review and finalize Just labels will take 1-3 months after the organization's initial submission.

To ensure quality reviews and customer support at all times, we are not able to expedite any part of the review or finalization process. Please plan your label submission accordingly if your goal is for your label not to lapse.

6. Share your label.

Once your organization has accepted the label draft, ILFI will publish your Just label on the publicly accessible Just database. We encourage you to showcase your Just label on your website or

marketing materials to demonstrate your commitment to these issues.

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