Quick Guide | LFA Requirements + Process

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What are the LFA requirements?

To achieve LFA, you must do both of the following within one year of enrollment:

All learners complete the LFA Foundational Curriculum to become accredited. All required courses are included in the curriculum, and it is provided as one curriculum to streamline the experience for proceeding through the courses. The Foundational courses give you a working knowledge of ILFI certification programs, labels, and initiatives (alongside regenerative design topics) and are updated periodically to identify the best course offerings for the credential. You may complete the on-demand courses online at your own pace, whenever you want, wherever you are! An optional mobile-friendly format optimizes the course activities for smaller screens.

General education allows you to specialize in the topic areas of your choosing. This education may be earned from a variety of sources — find details here.

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What does the LFA process look like?

Looking for more details? Check out these articles for additional guidance each step of the way:

How long does it take to achieve LFA?

Your LFA achievement due date is set one year from the date you enroll in the LFA Foundational Curriculum. We do offer extensions upon request. The curriculum is entirely on-demand and self-paced, which means there are no session start dates — you can enroll and get started whenever you are ready. 

Most learners achieve their LFA within 3 months. We estimate that the Foundational Curriculum will take you 20-30 hours depending on your familiarity with the topics and how much time you spend exploring the resources provided. For the 16-credit General Education requirement, we recommend budgeting around 16 hours, though this can vary depending on your choice of General Credits.

Tip: If you qualify for the Fast Track, you can fulfill the entire 16-credit General Education requirement in a matter of minutes!

Do I need to take a final exam to achieve LFA?

There is no final exam for LFA. You'll encounter periodic knowledge checks in the form of simple questions or activities throughout the curriculum, and each course will have a final quiz that must be passed with a grade of 80% in order to receive credit. However, both the knowledge checks and final quiz are "open book," and you will have unlimited attempts to pass.

This method takes the pressure off, and it allows you to identify what material you found challenging so you can truly focus on deepening your understanding.

Do I need to be a Living Future Member to achieve LFA?

Though not a requirement, Living Future Membership can greatly enhance your LFA experience. Members save big on LFA achievement, receive exclusive access to educational webinars, and are first-in-line for special networking and leadership opportunities. Plus, once you've achieved your LFA, there's no better way to stay connected and involved within the ILFI community!

Learn more about membership levels, register for a free informational webinar, and consider joining today — just visit the Living Future Membership webpage!

Reach Out: If you have any questions at all about Living Future Membership, we encourage you to send an email to membership@living-future.org and say hello!

Do I need to work on a Living Future project or label to achieve LFA?

Working on a project or label is not a requirement. But for those who have the opportunity, we strongly encourage the reinforcement of your LFA eduction with real-world experience on Living Future projects and labels.

Tip: Learn how to self-report your Living Future project or label experience for General Credit toward your LFA here

How do I keep my LFA credential active?

Living Future Accreditation is a lifetime credential — once an LFA, always an LFA. Your credential will not expire, and you do not need to take any action to maintain or renew it.

We know that regenerative design practitioners and promoters are lifelong learners, and we encourage LFAs to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date in whatever manner best complements their work and preferred learning style. To continue your education alongside the ILFI community, we warmly invite you to:

Looking to save? Living Future Membership is the best way to gain access to and earn discounts on all the continuing education opportunities listed above. It's also the best way to stay connected and involved after LFA achievement!

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