Staff Post - Municipal Sewer Connection 3.x

Projects in all Transects are allowed to connect to local municipal sewage treatment plants if all the following conditions are met. 

The treatment plant must:

  1. Have a biologically-based treatment process with no chemicals;
  2. Be within .5 km of, and the same watershed as, the project; and
  3. Treat water to tertiary levels and return water back to the project for use. 

The project must:

  1. Have a balance of sewage going out and water returning from the plant;
  2. Not exacerbate an over-taxed combined sanitary/storm system;
  3. Not be separated from the plant by a lift station Include in energy production both a pro-rated amount of energy (i.e. kWh per gallon) from the plant treatment system; and
  4. All pumping energy required to move the sewage/returned water to and from the project. 


I05-a Exception Narrative - must address at least 1 and 3 under Treatment Plant and 2 under Project, above 

I05-b Meter Data & Calculations - must address at least 1, 2, and 4 under Project above 

I05-c Design Documentation - must address at least 2 and 3 under Treatment Plant and 3 under Project above 

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