21-1123 LBC v4.0 - I18 Exceptions: EQ-005 3.x

Modification to Exception EQ-005 (I18-E1 6/2016) Volunteer-Based Projects


We are requesting the following exceptions for I18 Inclusion Exceptions - EQ-005 Volunteer Based Projects.
The building itself is being donated to the non-profit Fresh Start. We are using the monetary donation of purchasing the materials as the donation for the remodel of our Salt Lake Office and we are using the volunteer hours as the donation for Nexus Builds 2020.
The project delivery for this project is fairly unique, and involves a blend of time that Arch Nexus is compensating people for as well as volunteer time. Because of the labor-as-donation aspect of this, we are pursuing this exception. We will describe the donation of time for various categories:
Initiative Co-Chairs:
Two associate level employees have worked many hours a week for almost a year, evaluating different non-profits, coordinating with Fresh Start, working with the city for permitting and inspections, and generally coordinating all the committees working on this. Their hours have been a mix of time they are being compensated for, as well as overtime work that they have donated.
Committee chairs:
10 other associate level employees who have lead committees dealing with finance, transportation, design, construction, safety, and others, to coordinate different aspects of the design.
Design team:
A project manager, project architect, and drafter worked 20 hours a week for 14 weeks to develop the design from that submitted in the competition into construction drawings.

Construction crew:

  • Superintendents: One overall superintended, and one superintendent per month for June - September, have put in many hours (both compensated and un-compensated) reviewing the drawings, purchasing materials, and supervising the work.
  • Volunteer workers: All employees have been given 16 hours of compensated time to be on the build. Many others have volunteered additional time.
LBC documentation: our fearless material vetter has spent many hours red-list vetting all the materials to be used.
All in all, there were 1,524.25 hours that have been donated by Nexus (and compensated to employees) or volunteered directly for the project, with some additional hours still expected. See the attached Document I18-b Technical Documents for the full list of hours spent by the Design Team and Construction Team captured in Arch Nexus time cards and cost at the current billing rates.
We understand that a donation of labor hours requires a dialogue post.
Clarification has been provided indicating that the project is itself a voluntary undertaking, for which the certifying project owner received no compensation. It is therefore considered to be a completely volunteer-based project and exempt from the requirement within I18 Inclusion to either involve certain stakeholders or donate a portion of the project cost.
In this instance, required documentation is a letter from the certifying project owner confirming the project was undertaken voluntarily without compensation, and documentation of the building's donation.
Exception EQ-005 (I18-E1 6/2016) Volunteer-Based Projects is modified to read:
Projects that are completely volunteer-based are exempt from the requirement in this Imperative that specifies options for stakeholder involvement or a donation of funds. The project team should provide a volunteer agreement and a list of completed volunteer hours. Projects that use this exception must still comply with the Just label and self-assessment requirements of this Imperative.

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