20-1019 Resiliency Beyond Battery Back-up 3.x

To reflect a more holistic approach to resiliency, the Institute has created the following new exception for projects pursuing the Energy Petal under LBC 3.0 or 3.1:

Exception EC-023 Resiliency Beyond Battery Backup

Projects registered under LBC 3.1 or 3.0 may provide alternative means of resilience in lieu of  backup battery storage. Project teams should consider how the building can sustain life for one week without power. Projects must address how occupants would access the following applicable elements in the event of an extended power disruption:

  1. Potable water
  2. Food: provide either means for cooking food or access to non-perishable food items that do not require cooking
  3. Thermal comfort: address how occupants can take refuge in the building should a power outage occur during the most extreme temperature days (dependent upon building climate)
  4. Lighting: provide temporary means of light (candles, flashlights, etc)
  5. Refrigeration for essential items (e.g. medicines, breastmilk, etc)
  6. Small-scale battery power: portable chargers or other power source for items such as cell phones, radios, or communication devices to ensure residents can maintain connectivity to their family/community/essential services

Describe how the building design and/or alternative measures (such as a resiliency kit provided to occupants) will provide for each item above. Alternatively or in addition, project teams may meet all or some of the items above through a community scaled approach.


  1. List of resiliency strategies implemented 
  2. Narrative explaining how chosen strategies are holistic and comprehensive for the project’s resiliency needs

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